Faros Restaurant

Acharavi Corfu

Coffees - Cold Drinks - Soft Drinks - Beers - Ciders - Wines - Dionysos Varieties

Dessert and Icecream

Wine & Drinks




Filter Coffee



Frappe (cold Nescafe)

Frappe with ice cream

Frappe with Baileys

Greek Coffee

Freddo Espresso

Freddo Cappuccino

Irish Coffee

Coffee with liquer (amaretto,

or Tia Maria or Bailey's or Contreau)

Hot or cold chocolate


Flavoured Coffees

Bailley's Coffee

Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)

Brandy Coffee

Corfu Coffee (Kumquat)

Soft Drinks

Fresh Orange juice

Pineapple juice

Orange juice

Apple juice

Peach juice

Lemon juice

Bitter lemon

Coca Cola (250 ml)

Sprite (250ml)

Fanta orange (250 ml)

Fanta lemon (250 ml)

Ice Tea lemon or peach(330 ml)

Soda water (250 ml)

Tonic water (250 ml)

Sparkling water (250 ml)

Sparkling water (750 ml)

Mineral water (500 ml)

Mineral water (1500 ml)

Beers & Ciders

Corfu beer draught (500 ml)

Corfu beer draught (250 ml)

Corfu Real Ale Special (bottle 500 ml)

Corfu Real Ale Bitter (brown bottle 500 ml)

CorfuPilsner (bottle 500 ml)

Alfa (bottle 500 ml)

Amstel (bottle 500 ml)

Amstel (free alcohol bottle 500 ml)

Amstel Radler (bottle 500 ml)

Heineken (bottle 500 ml)

Mythos (bottle 500 ml)

Magners ( bottle 568 ml)

Strongbow (bottle 330 ml)

Corona (bottle 330 ml)

Ginger Beer (bottle 330 ml)


Retsina (500 ml)

Retsina Glass

Greek White Wine (500 ml)

Greek Red Wine (500 ml)

Greek Rose Wine (500 ml)

Glass of White Wine

Glass of Red Wine

Glass of Rose Wine

Prosecco Glass

Prosecco (bottle 750 ml)

Sangria Glass

Sangria (500 ml)



Dionysos Varieties

Dionysos Sauvignon Blanc (750 ml)

Dionysos Chardonnay (750 ml)

Dionysos Moschofilero (750 ml)

Dionysos Merlot (750 ml)

Dionysos Cabernet Sauvignon (750 ml)

Cocktails & Ice cream & Children's Cocktails

Flavoured Cocktails


Pina Colada (white rum, battide de coco, pineapple juice)

Mojito (white rum, sugar, lime, mint leaves, soda)

Caipirinha (cashaca, sugar, lime wedges)

Daquiri (white rum, sugar, lime)

(Flavors: Strawberry - Mango - Peach - Wild burry - Passion fruit)

Cocktails with Sprankling Wines


Kiwi Sect (kiwi & sprankling wine)

Peach Bellini (peach sirup & sprankling wine)

Spritz ( aperol, sparkling wines & orange wadges)

Most Popular Cocktails


Cosmopolitan (vodka, cointreau, cranberry juice)

Margarita (tequila, cointreau & lemon juice)

Cuba Libra (rum, lemon juice, lime & coca cola)

Blue Lagoon (vodka, blue curacao & sprite)

Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, galliano, orange juice & grenadine)

Passoa Sweet Dreams ( Passoa, rum, triple sec, pineapple juice & grenadine)

Marilyn Passion (vodka, passion fruit, kumquat, liquer & lime)

Ginn Fizz (gin, lemon juice & soda)

Wild P (gin, wild berry, lime, sugar & sirup

Faros Paradise (black rum, mango creme, honey sirup, lime & angostura

Kiss on the Lips (peach, schnapps, apple juice & grenadine

Sex on the Beach (vodka, peach, schnapps, cranberry, orange juice & peach juice)

Cocktails no Alcohol


Pina Colada ( coconut cream, pineapple juice & strawberry cream)

Mojito (wadges of lime, mint leaves, brown sugar & soda)

Kiwi Casa (apple juice kiwi & soda water)

Children's Cocktails


Amalia Cocktail (apple, kiwi & pineapple)

Mickey Mouse (sprite, lime & grenadine)

Nefeli's Cocktail (fanta orange, fanta lemon & grenadine)

Tom & Jerry (lemon juice, orange juice & pineapple juice)

Tutti Frutti (orange juice, pineapple juice & grenadine)

Bob the Sponge (apple juice, lemon juice & grenadine)

Cold Drinks


Milk Shake (Vanilla, Banana, Choco, Strawberhio, Caramel, Moka & kaimakiry, pistac)

Sorbets (Lemon & Strawberry)

Black Magic - magic combination of chocolate ice cream, parfait chocolate, mocca, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Tri Colore - A rich combination of vanilla ice cream, strawberry and pistachio with rich whipped cream and almonds.

Parfait Special - A temptation ice cream, rich parfait vanilla ice cream, parfait chocolate and stracciatella garnished with whipped cream and biscuits.

Italian Cup - Delicious combination of vanilla, chocolate and moka ice cream whit whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Banana Split - Fresh banana served vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, garnished with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Black and White - Black and white magic of parfait chocolate and cookies ice cream with wipped cream and biscuits.

Greenland - A rich combination of caramel ice cream, pistachio, mint, whipped cream and caramel syrup.

Trio Delight - Impressive combination chocolate ice cream, cookies and stracciatella garnished with rich whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Faros Special - Refreshing combination of vanilla ice cream, choolate and strawberry with fresh fruits and whipped cream.

Strawberry Delight - Cool and light combination from two scoops of yoghurt ice cream, strawberry syrup, one scoop of strawberry sorbet, whipped cream and fresh delicious strawberries.

Chicago - Rich delight of two scoops of parfait chocolate ice cream, one scoop of chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

Kaimaki - Traditional temptation, timeless pleasure mouth-watering 'kaimaki' ice cream with natural Chios mastic oil rich cherry swirl and whole cherries.